Thread: need help to make a table plz

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    Smile need help to make a table plz

    i'm almost new on programming ;i couldn't find what i wanted by searching;
    how can i make tables in consule?is there a header file to help?
    tables that have lines and can get data later somewhat like excel

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    Erm you can either draw it using basic functions, or read it from a text file into the console.

    Learn about file IO but if that is to advanced, then learn about functions like setw() and setiosflags() and also about 2 dimensional arrays.
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    you would probably need to read from a file like swgh said. if you wanted to read from excel there is no easy way to do it in c++. Also as swgh said you should look into file I/O. Every beginning c/c++ book has stuff on it. Further more this site has a good basic tutorial on file I/O
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