Thread: Deleting an array from the heap

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    Deleting an array from the heap

    I have never been in a situation where I wanted to use one until now, so I was a little surprised when I went to delete it and got a "Debug Assertion Error". I can access the array directly through the pointer as though the pointer itself were the array, but I cannot delete the pointer without that error popping up.

    I don't want the memory to be sitting on the stack when I am done using it, so I would rather not declare the array normally if it can be avoided. I thought about using a linked list (the array items are class objects), however when I finish debugging the class I am going to implement a linked list into its container class anyway. This array is needed only for a short portion of the program.

    Any easy way around this?

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    Well, the way around this is to fix what you're doing wrong. I guess if you've got an array on the heap, you used new[]? If so, use delete[] to delete it. Or if you leak your memory you should fix that. Without more information, I don't know what's gone wrong.

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    The declaration goes like this:
    GameSprite* pSpritePointer=new GameSprite[4];
    Originally, I had attempted to delete it like this:
        delete pSpritePointer;
    That generated the debug assertion error. However, I did what you said by using

    delete[4] pSpritePointer;
    and it worked fine. Like I said I never was in a situation where i wanted to use it before so I didnt know you could use delete[]. Thanks for the tip!

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    Just delete [] pSpritePointer; not delete[4] pSpritePointer;
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMasterBosel
    Any easy way around this?
    #include <vector> and use a std::vector. Read Stroustrup's answers to the FAQs: How do I deal with memory leaks? and What's wrong with arrays? (though the latter has fixed size arrays as its focus).
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