Thread: software 30 day trial code/name-> sn code

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    software 30 day trial code/name-> sn code

    does anyone have any advice/code about making a file only usable for 30 days? or 30 opens?
    also, does anyone know of a way to make a serial number from a name someone enters? thanks =)

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    I would give you some ideas . but I dont think they r not perfect

    you can let your file check up for a speciefic file if itsnot found so its the first time your program runs on this machine , so it make it then put speciefic no in it .(e.g. 1) . when the file reopened next time it adds another 1 to the valur (so it ll be 2) ..and so on
    and u make stop working if the value in the file is 30

    or you can control it by date , as you pick up the date in the first run and save it to file....then check it up if its plus 30 day now the program ll not work.(anyone can go over this by changing the real date in the computer)

    theres another way by adding speciefic line in the registry that control the work of your program(i dont know how to work it that way in fact)

    thats all i can tell u........
    oh about the serial can make it depending on the ascii code relative to the name......
    this ll generate difference nos for every name
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    Arrow tru tru...

    Well I just need to put in that you probably dont have anything that needs protection like that yet if u can't make the protection yet... just a little thinkg to add in.


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    hah, good point, but it's just for fun. thanks for the above answer though

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