Thread: BDD / Mocking frameworks for C++?

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    BDD / Mocking frameworks for C++?

    Hi -- I'm just getting to grips with C++ after not developing in it for a long time, and I was most certainly never a guru.
    I've been off in the wonderful world of Ruby most recently, and whilst there I have developed a taste for behaviour driven development (with RSpec & other tools), and would really like to continue to develop that way as I get back into C++, as I do believe that it makes me a considerably better programmer.
    In fact, it is the confidence that a BDD approach gives me that has allowed me to start getting back into C++.
    With that in mind, are there any BDD & mocking frameworks that any of those on the list could recommend?

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    Lightbulb C++ BDD Frameworks

    Hi there,
    I've similarly forayed into the Ruby world, spent time on Jasmine in JS and built a BDD/Mocking framework for ActionScript2. As I am principally a C++ coder, I wanted to bring some of this back to the C++ world.

    There are a few things out there, like Igloo, CppSpec, and GoogleMock. I've been crunching through them, making detailed comparisons, tutorials and pointing out where tehy should perhaps join forces to create one decent tool.

    C++ Behaviour Driven Development tools

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