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    Saving MFC Source :: C++


    I started an MFC sample program that Prosise include in his book. I would like to save the source code, but not the enter project. Note that I started the project using AppWizard.

    What files do I have to save from the project so I can always open that project up again? Do I have to save the entire probject including Debug? I have not save and/or remove any files yet because I do not work to lose any resource files.


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    Post well...

    Again I must say, [I]think about it! MFC is just a sort of API, and you're code is still C++, if you want some funciton, just copy it cut + paste.... U dont need to to convert anything.... if you know the basix of C++ you would know that the files are simply orginizors of code!


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    ahhh. What are you conveying? MFC sucks?

    The problem with API is Petzold's book is uses C as examples, not C++.


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    with an mfc using the app wizard...
    you must save all the .h and .cpp files..

    if you want to be able to run the program again you will also need the resource file usually named resource.h and the files in the res folder...
    what can you do away with and still rebuild your project????

    you can delete the .ncb .opt files and the debug and release folders.... there are a couple other files you can get rid of and still be able to rebuild your project.... but be careful before you start deleting away if you plan to rebuild the project...

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    I have an idea for Microsoft. Microsoft should design a feature that can compress all *required* files into a zip/rar. Visual C++ exclude all temporary files. The programmers will only need to unzip it.


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