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    some project ;) c/c++

    Hello, I am a average c/c++ programer.. actually you can consider me beginner and not average.. hmm i want to do a small project (im a CS student, n we have studied c/c++ and till now we made small programs like calculators and etc) nothing very special.. now i want to do a project and one of my friend told me that the project im trying to do is related to socket programming.. therefore id like to hear from u guys about it..

    I want to develop a program in c/c++ which once executed will join the configured irc channel to a irc network and it will give auto msgs, like a AI .. a chatter bot.. ive done such things in TCL/eggdrops but i want to do it in c/c++ .. i just want to start with simple to learn how to connect it n some simple msgs before i advance in it.. i dont know where to start from, please give me some idea where can i start from and what compiler should i use for this project (im sure it wont be done in compilers like TC and etc :P

    Thank you for reading, all replies are welcome

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    I'm actually a beginner (self-taught / teaching) C++ programmer, planning to do Computer Science in a couple of years time. First thing you would need to do is to sort the problems out. Ie, if I was to make an MP3 Player, I would do the following:

    - Load MP3 File
    - Wait for user to press Play
    - When user presses play, Play MP3 File
    - When song is complete or user presses Stop, stop MP3 File
    - Unload MP3 File.

    Once you've done this, you can look at each 'problem' and it will be much clearer for you on what to do; you can research each 'problem' individually.

    I'm not entirely sure about IRC's, but I think it may be difficult to do it, as I think you might need to create an IRC engine, again not sure though.. You might be able to find some IRC Libraries / Toolkits around which'll help you out greatly.

    IDE / Compiler wise, I recommend Code::Blocks and The GNU GCC compiler simply because they're simple and 'the best' - In my opinion .

    I wish you the best of luck with this project!
    Have a happy new year!
    - sharkbate24.
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    yeah i actually have it all in mind, it is as follows

    - Start
    - Establish IRC Connection
    - Join a channel
    - send a message to the channel
    - wait for 300 seconds and send another msg
    - QUIT IRC connection
    - End

    but i dont know how to establish irc connection

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    First off, you'll need to learn some of the IRC protocol in order to connect to the IRC server. While the official standard is here,, this may be a little over your head, and its probably easy enough to watch your IRC session to learn the commands.

    To actually communicate with the IRC server you need to learn sockets, which is not a simple task. I'm assuming that you are running Windows, and if that is the case, you'll want to read up on winsock.
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