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    I totally forgot how to use readline(). I'm looking it up on the MSDN right now but it's got all the Environment::Console...blah blah blah.

    I'm working on a parser that: has a szBuffer[1024] that reads in 1024 bytes from the file and then parsers it. I just haven't done this in a while. Just a simple Readline(from file) example would be greatly appreciated.

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    What language are you using that has ReadLine in it? Is this C#? C++/CLI? I have a feeling I'm looking at the same MSDN page you are; is it this one? If so, I have no idea how I could write something simpler than "sr->ReadLine()".

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    You can use iostream's "getline" in the form of getline(filehandlestream, buffer);
    Or you can just read a whole file and separate by \n (or \r\n) using a C++ split/explode function.
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