Thread: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to char*

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    warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to char*

    Right now I'm programming a game in C++/Qt, I'm getting a warning that I don't undertstand. Below is the error I'm getting

    Ghost.cpp:62: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'

    I'm getting a string of these warning messages.
    at line 62 I have the below code.

    char *ghostEyesDown2 = "eyesDown2.png";

    The program compiles however I would like to remove this error but I have no idea what's wrong with this statement. If anybody could help it would be appreciated.

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    "eyesDown2.png" is a (const char*), while you are trying to copy it into a non-const char*.
    You either have to make ghostEyesDown2 const, use strcpy, or use a C++ style string.
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    const char* ghostEyesDown2 = "eyesDown2.png";

    Will get rid of that warning.
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