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    How to start

    i was wondering how to start programming? i know its kinda dumb but i want to get a good start and not be lost doing it. Wonder how u guys got started. Classes? books or just messing with it What would u recomend for a complete beginner

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    mix the three together, simmer for a couple years

    result: a relatively competent beginning C++ programmer

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    well any books u recomend or compiler

    and where to get them i was wonder taking classes was easier

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    you don't need to go to class, in fact its far more productive to learn yourself (in my opinion), get a good beginners book and before you know it you'll get a grip of the subject.

    Some people say you should learn C first but i didn't and i'm doing fine, if you can't afford a book or even if you get one, read as many different tutorials on the net as possible, the tutorials in here are excellant.

    Get programming!

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    Any specific books u have in mind?

    for c++ and compiler

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    there are three books i would reccomend for each stage of learning, they are:

    Excellant beginner books, has all the basics:
    Programming and Problem Solving with C++
    Nell Dale - Chip Weems - Mark Headington

    Programming with the API:
    The only book to get is pretzold
    Windows Programming

    Programming with MFC:
    jeff prosise
    Its called something like Windows programming with MFC or something, i can't find my copy right now

    Good luck.

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    I just started programming about a year ago. I would suggest downloading Bloodshed's Dev-C++ Compiler. I does C, C++, and some Windows. You can download it at:
    I also suggest going and getting Visual C++ 6 for Dummies or C++ for Dummies. You can pick that up at
    I started using C++ and Bloodshed Dev-C++. This board is a good source for the harder problems that the books don't cover. There are a lot of good programmers on this board.

    Hope this helps

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