Hey everyone
This is not a home work (I am not in any school what so ever) but I was bored and went to itmoonlighter and find this task

Here is the project: Write a program to determine the minterm numbers in decimal, given a Boolean function in the algebraic sum of minterms form for from two through five variables. Test the program on the following inputs: x'y + xy x'y'z' + x'yz + xy'z + xyz x'y'z + x'yz' + x'yz + xyz' w'x'yz' + w'xy'z + wx'y'z v'w'x'y'z + v'w'x'yz + v'wx'y'z' + vw'x'yz

And it doesn't make sense at all to me. Does it make sense to anyone else? I might even be on the wrong board. I don't think this will ever result in any code from my part I just wonder what this guy wants.