Thread: having trouble getting started.

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    having trouble getting started.

    hey i'm new to this whole programing thing and every time i try to run and compile any thing a message pops up and says "the system cannot find the file specified" what does that mean? i dont think im doing anything wrong because im using the program in lessen 1: the basics of c++ just to try to get an understanding of things. so any help at all would be very appreciated. oh and the compiler im using is Dev-C++ if that helps at all.
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    Where's your code?
    What file are you #include ing?
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    im trying to include iostream but i im not sure what it is or if i even have it.

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    sounds like you dowloaded the wrong package from SourceForge. You need to get DevC++ with the MinGW compiler. DevC++ itself is NOT a compiler. It's what's called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In other words, a fancy text editor.

    Uninstall, download the right package, install, and try again.
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    Sounds like you may have installed the IDE only.
    Get the "larger" download, as this includes the compiler as well.

    Though a lot of people now go for a more up to date (and maintained) code blocks.
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    You can also get Visual Studio Express from Microsoft for free.

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