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    I think C++ Cout and stuff was made to make it easier for new users to learn and understand programming. Also convenience, easier to type it out.

    But the C library printf, sprintf, and the tons of other functions, are extremely useful for dealing with chars and even for Win32 sometimes. They are definitely better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck
    The stream insertion operator makes things convenient and extensible, but I think it's hard to dispute the compactness and clarity of printf-style format specifiers, even if they aren't type-safe.
    I recall that the Boost Format library, mentioned by phantomotap, aims to provide "printf-like formatting, in a type-safe manner which allows output of user-defined types".

    Quote Originally Posted by execute
    They are definitely better.
    No since they are not type-safe, though they are better in some ways, as mentioned earlier.
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