Thread: [resolved] internal compiler error...

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    [resolved] internal compiler error...

    i'm using .net2003 and the compiler is giving me an internal compiler error when i try to create a template class. here is the code:

    namespace NS
        template <typename T>
        class A
            void Insert(const T& t);
    namespace NS
        template <typename T>
        A<T>::Insert(const T& t)
        template <typename T>
    that's all it takes for the compiler to poop out. i took this code out and put it into an empty project, and it compiles fine... if i comment this code out in the original project, it fails to compiler. uncomment, compiler fails.

    i'm at a loss of how to troubleshoot this. any help is appreciated. thanks.

    EDIT: sorry i jumped the gun...i didn't have the 'void' keyword for the return type in the implementation.
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    You appear to be missing void from in front of A<T>::Insert
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMalc View Post
    You appear to be missing void from in front of A<T>::Insert
    True but that's no excuse for the compiler to explode. I'd report it.
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