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    Question Windows C++ books

    I am an old DOS C and C++ and (now) Windows VB developer and I'd like to get into Windows programming with C++. What book would you recommend as the best one to learn Windows programming (leaning towards Graphics/Games)? For C/C++ I have the Borland Command Line Compiler and MS VC++ 6. I rather NOT get a book that covers MFC, but rather standard C++ Windows programming (I like to do stuff from scratch not have the IDE do it for me).

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    If you don't want to learn MFC then you need to learn the WindowsAPI, MFC is just a wrapper for the API. There are some old books by Charles Petzold on windowsAPI programming and programming a shell. You can download some tutorials from and borrow his windows shell.

    The thing with VC++ and windows programming in general is it's all about events and so you need to have an events handler or messaging system. If your not going to use the VC++ IDE help in this you need to create your own. Luckily, many programmers have created window shells, (code used to initialize, create windows, and handle events), and you can borrow them - just like from nehe.

    Start picking up tutorials and books on DirectX programming for game development.
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    OpenGL is easier than DirectX, and in my opinion, better.

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