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    Client Program

    How can one write server program and client program and link them
    Especially with respect to internet sales of either services or merchandise and
    then host it on a website and let run perfectly.

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    This is one of those things that if you don't have any idea... it will be over your head. There are a lot of applications out there that may fit the bill. Look toward those until you have a better understanding of these things....

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    Get a book on Client/Server.
    You can use CGI (common gateway interface). You probably need to learn PERL programming language for this approach but it should work no matter who hosts your site. CGI is better since you can use HTML to present the info to the user, and interact with the program. You've got quite a task in front of you if you want to build a client/server app and have to deal with the GUI also. C++ can be used as CGI but it's hard to find a tutorial on the proper I/O to have the program work correctly.

    You can look into Java - servlets, applets.

    Networking, Server, Client, web pages, Java, javascript, Perl - this is the field I'm currently employed in and can tell you it is one deep pond of info to get into.
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