Thread: Broblems with Borland Builder 5

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    Question Broblems with Borland Builder 5

    When I try to run a program, Borland tells me that it can't read the PE header of the program, or something like that. It was working fine for many weeks, so I tried to just run the .exe from explorer. The program prints out that it must be run under Win32. This confuses me, because I'm running windows.

    I have several seemingly brilliant ideas on how to fix this, but I'm at home, Borland is at school, and in all my annoyedness, I didn't think of bringing the code home. I do not own borland, and never will, because it is crap. I really need the program running, because it was written for the counseling department at my schoo, and I'm supposed to present it tommorow.

    Does anyone know how to fix this horrible evil mean error?
    Thank you
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