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    Im making a new program (Win32 Console Application) in Visual C++...Two Questions...1) Is there a way to disable the blinking cursor on the screen? You know, the little white blinking rectangle. 2) Is there a way to distinguish where to type a character (I.e. A "G" in the fourth row and sixth column) ?


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    1) with windows console, I have no idea, unless their under the individual exe's settings. But some guy who makes love to his computer would know.
    2)you can only do that in windows console by simply knowing where your X and Y coordinates are. If they are six, three, then print out three \n's and six spaces. There is an easier way of doing this, but you are using a windows compiler....which impersonates DOS programs by using consoles. DOS compilers have the function 'gotoxy' in conio.h. Windows don't. So if you wanna stay with Visual C++, go down a specific amount of the faq...they've got it.

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