Thread: Beginner's Question on QT

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    Beginner's Question on QT

    i run QT on my Mac, i have read the first 3 lessons and unfortunately i couldn't understand the essentials of GUI programming, i mean how the source code relate the GUI files.When i do the gui, i need to write the code, do i need to write only in main.cpp file, or in another too, where i an write to modify it.For example there is a simple program with two buttons, i use Qbuttons , but how/when to write what happens when the button is pushed?

    Thank you previously.

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    Hmm if you are asking this question, you are probably not ready for GUI, yet. How much C++ do you know?

    As for the question, you would need to use "signals" and "slots", which will probably be made clear later on in the tutorial.

    If you don't have at least basic understanding of OOP, which Qt uses extensively, though, I would recommend holding off Qt until later.

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