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    How to go about this?

    Im having trouble thinking through a project in my class. I had two ideas. Both of which crashed and burned.

    Here is the link to the .doc:

    My first idea had me draw the buttons, hide them, and then whenever the number was read it was the show the button and move it down. This would create a line of vertical buttons, instead of moving the buttons down. The other way I tried was to have a pointer to 1 button and whenever a certain number was read from the file to attach the button to the window and move the button down. It would do it, but it would do all the buttons at the same time. So now Im at a loss and I was wondering how yall would go about it.

    This is supposed to a be a relatively beginner class and past alot of the basics (basics about pointers and arrays and whatnot) I don't know much past that. Also, with FLTK they've given us another layer that is supposed to make programming with FLTK easier. Not that is matters, I think if I were to get an FLTK direction I would know how to change it to fit in with the layer provided.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would figure out how many buttons I can/should show at one time, and draw that many buttons. When one is clicked, draw the next set of buttons (since rhythm doesn't matter).

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