Thread: Advanced question on pointers

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    Advanced question on pointers

    Lets pretend that I have two variables: *dur and duration.

    Now, duration=18.

    I want *dur to point to 1/2 of the value in duration, but not change the value of duration.

    So duration would still be 18 and dur would be 9. I want it to point to it so whenever duration changes, so does dur. For example if duration is changed to 10, then dur automatically changes to 5 because it points to duration, but is half.

    Is there any way to do this?

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    lots of ways.....
    a function to add to both numbers etc.
    operator overloading if you wrap it all up in a class
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    but not a simple "pointer".

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    Does dur need to be a pointer?

    You could do something like -

    #include <iostream> 
    using namespace std;
    #define dur duration/2
    int main() { 
        int duration = 18;
        cout << dur << '\n';
        duration = 10;
        cout << dur << '\n';
        return 0;   

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    A pointer holds an address and not a value. Your *dur will just point to the address of the variable duration.

    They can't be 2 separate values, when you dereference dur you are changing the value in duration.

    Do this:
    int* duration = 18;
    int dur = (*duration)/2; //This holds half the value of duration

    If you want to change the value of duration and have dur reflect the new changes you need a function to affect this change.
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    summing it up

    Looks to me like this is what the answers add up to:

    int duration;
    int gimmeHalf(int var) {return var/2};
    cout <<gimmeHalf(duration);

    ciao, Al

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    hmm... if you meant such that dur was a dynamic pointer [in that it changed address based on duration], then you'd just need to ensure that at every change in duration, you reassigned the address which dur was pointing to...
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