Thread: Help with ZwQueryDirectoryFile for my Driver.

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    Help with ZwQueryDirectoryFile for my Driver.


    I am new to driver development and currently developing a my simple driver that will simply ask a directory (or folder) as input from user-mode (e.g "z:\") and display all the files/folders exists in it. By the way, the directory input is passed-on to the kernel and then the kernel will processed the request; then the kernel sends a message containing the list of files/folders that will be parsed by the user-mode for display..

    i've read the msdn about ZwQueryDirectoryFile that returns various kind of information about files in the directory and i don't know how to used it. ^_^

    Can you help me how can i get all the files/folders exists in a directory?

    If im in the right track of using ZwQueryDirectoryFile, can you help me how to use this routine on getting files/folders?..

    And If you have other ways aside from using ZwQueryDirectoryFile routine, can you give me an idea HOW and if you have sample snippets can you show it to me?..

    Any help will be greatly appriciated.

    Thanks in advance to you guys.. ^_^


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