Thread: Detect when a file is used

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    Detect when a file is used

    I am not sure if this question should be here but what I wonder is if this is possible:
    I have a mp3-file like this. "D:\\music\\song.mp3".
    Now if I will play this song with example VLC-player, this meens that the mediaplayer accessing the file.

    My question is if it is possible to detect when this file is used/played and if it is possible to return the fullpath for the file when it happens ?

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    There is no easy way of doing this. You could write a filter driver, but it is A LOT of effort.

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    okay, I have to ask. I wonder if the fileSystemWatcher component in the form application can do this. I have have tried this component out with these events:


    But when accessing the file wich should be in this case, no of these event could be used for this as I have tried out ?

    Under the properties of this component there is a "NotifyFilter" that for example has "LastAccess" wich perheps could be it but I have not got it to work there.
    With the changed event I have tried it out to open the file in "Notepad" as a test and change a few characters and saved the file and this returns me the Full Path of the file. It works fine.

    I wonder if the "LastAccess" could be something to use in any way.

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    This was strange, suddenly it works with the _Changed event and NotifyFilter "LastAccess".
    The Watcher detects the file and full path when using the testcode like this.
    I will try to test it out.

    private: System::Void fileSystemWatcher1_Changed(System::Object^  sender, System::IO::FileSystemEventArgs^  e) 

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    i think u need to set the EnableRaisingEvents property to true.

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    use the filter for detecting the last access time changing.

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