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    easy question about switch


        int sss = 2;
        switch (sss)
           case 0: cout<<"0"; break;
           case 1 || 2: cout<<"1 or 2"; break;
    I don't know how to use multiple condition in case (so that it'll enter second case in case of 1 or 2). I checked || and , and && but I guess no one of them is the proper way to do it.
    Thanks in advance for help

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    case 1:
    case 2:
    Unless you put "break", it will fall down to the next one, so you can handle multiple values with multiple cases with no break at the end.
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    I've got other question.
    This is what I can do:
    string text = "My text.";
    cout << "Found on  the position: " << text.find("text") << endl;
    But I don't know how to check how many letters 't' there are in the text. In this case there are two of them - I want to obtain number of symbols 't in the string.

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    You can write a loop that inspects each character and increments a counter if the character is 't' (or whatever you want to count).

    Or, if this is not a homework, you might use the count algorithm.
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    The "easy" solution is to just iterate through the string and check if each character is 't'.

    Another solution would be to sort all the letters, and then use find to locate "t", and then count on from there to see how many they are.

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