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    How long...

    how long did it take you to learn c++ and to catch on to things?
    I am in my second class and I am frustrated that I don't think I am catching on like some of my class mates. I have only been programing starting in my first class. Should I worry?

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    to become familiar enough with the language to write programs and have them work the way I expect (to "catch on"), it took me about a month. Following that, I've been writing C++ code for more than 10 years, and I'm still constantly learning new things about C++, and I will certainly never know everything. I have a lot to learn when C++0x comes out, but I am really looking forward to some of the new features.

    If there are specific concepts that you're having a hard time with, feel free to ask questions, and someone will certainly have good answers for you. We won't do your homework for you, but we'll be happy to try to make things easier for you to understand.

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    If you have never programmed before, then you have the process of learning how to program, as well as learning the language of C++. Since the language is not a small language, you can't expect to learn all of that immediately. The art of programming in itself is something that you may also struggle with ("How do I split this problem into manageable pieces", "How do I troubleshoot this code", etc) - that will probably take even LONGER to master than the language (because as soon as you think you know how to solve ALL problems, you realize that you have another new type of problems you've never seen before).

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    how long did it take you to learn c++ and to catch on to things?
    My favorie analogy is: It's like learning to play the guitar. You can learn a few chords in a few days, but it's going to take about a year before you can impress your friends.

    I am in my second class and I am frustrated that I don't think I am catching on like some of my class mates. I have only been programing starting in my first class. Should I worry?
    Are you able to complete the homework? Are you passing the tests?

    Programming is hard, and C++ is a complicated programming language! Your programming class might take more homework-time than most of your other classes. If you have an assignment (to write a program), you might end-up spending several hours debugging one silly little problem.

    If you are self-motivated and if you enjoy programing, it's likely that you can become good at it, even if you can't "keep up" with the class at the moment. And, a formal class is usually the best way to learn. It gives you structure and direction, it gives you feedback (homework, quizes & tests), it gives you direct access to an instructor, and direct contact with other students.

    It might be helpful if you can get into (or start-up) a study group. Hopefully, it's not considered cheating if you work together on your homework.

    Also, consider getting another book (or two), in addition to your textbook. Sometimes a different explanation, or a different example helps. I'm only "hobby programmer", but I have a handfull of C/C++ books, and several other programming books.

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    The schools i went to taught BASIC starting around 6th grade, so that by time you start learning C/C++ in college you already know how to program. I think the computer programs in schools today have really gotten away from programming for some reason. Its such an abstract thought process compared to normal human thought that you really need to learn it prior to your bar/bat mitzvah or it becomes needlessly more difficult.

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    Do remember that at least some of those other kids who complete their assignments before you do are cheating.
    They're pulling complete solutions from the web and presenting them as their own.

    If you do the work yourself you'll end up laughing at them in the end when they fail their tests because they never really learned anything...

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    IMHO, It takes pratical experience to learn programming. What you learn in class is good ground work, but you will really learn a lot when you are on a real project that people actually care about and that actually has a purpose. I never realized exactly how much I didn't know until I started a large project.

    Don't worry. People learn different things at different rates. If it is what you want to do and you are passing, just learn what you can. The rest will come.

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