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    Hello can any one help out with this question?

    Design and write a program to calculate tomorrow's date where today's date is given. Your coding is required to be verified using the following formats of today's date,

    a) a date in the middle of the month

    b) the last date of any month with 30 days

    c) the last date of any month with 31 days

    d) the last date of a year

    e)the last date of the month of february in the case of a leap year.

    a function should be written in each of the above case

    The whole process will comprise of three stage i.e.., design, implementation and documentation

    stage 1: Design

    You are required to develop a flowchart using the standard signs and symbol to design the program.

    stage 2:.. implementation and test

    You are required to implement the program using C/C++ language using various programming techniques including array, function and structure; test the program with appropriate inputs as outlined above and print the result.

    stage 3: Documentation

    You need to give a brief decription of the programme highlighting the major/critical aspects.

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    Sure, but if you look at our Homework Policy, you'll find that we are not supposed to WRITE YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU.

    You do the work. If you ask specific questions (rather than posting the entire assignment) and we do our best to answer them.

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