Thread: lists (arrays, vectors, etc.) of different types

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    lists (arrays, vectors, etc.) of different types

    How would you implement a list composed of different types in C++, similar to Python's lists?

    For example:
    a = [3.14, "banana", 12, ["another list", 42]]

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    Boost supports some stuff similar to that. Are you just asking for the sake of posterity or do you have a legitimate reason for such a thing?

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    If all entry's will have the same types then I'd create a struct containing all the types then use std::list or another std class template. the template you need to use really depends on what your going to do with your list.
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    I believe boost::variant is for when you have a specific set of types you'll be using, and boost::any is for when the set of types is open-ended.

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    Without knowing any already made library, I would use a I list of void* and a list of their respective types. And a functions/marcos for the dereferencing, all pact up in a nice class. But whatever you do you won't be able to manipulate them as nicely as in the built-in lists in Python. So it would be kind of worthless

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