Thread: What's wrong with the "friend template" snippet

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    What's wrong with the "friend template" snippet

    I am following the to write the snippet below:

    template<typename T>
    class Foo {
        Foo(const T& value = T());
        friend T bar (T x){
            return x;
        T value_;
    int main(){
        Foo<int> obj;
        bar<int>(3); //correct if I comment this line
        return 1;
    According to the link, if I define the friend function body within the class, complier won't complain anything.
    It IS true if I don't call
    But if I do call the function it complains:
    g++ -c -g -o main.o In function `int main()': error: parse error before `>' token
    make: *** [main.o] Error 1
    So what is the correct way to call bar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by V
    So what is the correct way to call bar?
    bar(3) works or me, but frankly, I cannot explain exactly what's happening.
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    According to the FAQ there are two ways, define bar inline or define it outside the class.

    It appears that if you define it outside as a template function as shown in the example, bar is template function.

    If defined inline, the compiler generates a non-template function for each instantiation of Foo with a different type - here int bar(int) - and there still won't be linker errors because the function exists for this type of Foo, except bar won't be a template function and you can't use it with the template syntax.
    I might be wrong.

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