Thread: Whats this? ( newbie question )

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    Whats this? ( newbie question )

    I'm used of writing like this:

    int server() {}
    But here it shows a diffrent way:
    Server::Server() {}
    i'm trying too understand it, but could someone explain?

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    This is when you get into header files and classes/structs. Basically what Server::Server means is that there is a constructor named Server inside either a class or struct named Server.

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    The first one implements the method inside the body of the class.
    The second one implements it outside the class, possibly in another file.
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    The first might also be a free function that has nothing to do with a class, which is probably what you're used to. If you haven't learned classes yet then that's why you haven't seen the second one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashii View Post
    Server::Server() {}
    A Constructor uses the same name as the Class it is based on, hence Classname::Classname
    = Classname::Objectname

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