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    Amortization library

    I'm working on a programm that requires me to create a library and a programm at the same time to pay off a debt over time with equal payments... some of my functions are:

    double payment(), which returns the amount of each monthly payment
    double loan(), which returns the amount of the entire loan.
    int months(), which returns the number of monthly payments to be made
    - These functions should take each 3 parameters and return a single value.

    Does anyone own a library capable to do so because i'm not too familiar with libraries and calling of functions... thanks

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    Considering that each of those functions can probably be written in about 5 lines of code, I'm not entirely sure why you expect to find that someone has published a LIBRARY to solve those problems.

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    Forget the library bit for now (it depends on your compiler).
    Can you solve some of the problem as just normal functions in a regular C++ file?
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    All the information you'll need to write your amotization functions can be found here.

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