Thread: Close most active form on desktop

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    Close most active form on desktop

    I am not sure if this question should be here but what I am searching and trying to do is if it possible to programatically close the most active window/form on the desktop. (This could be a form of another application)
    I am doing the code, using a form application.

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    I personally don't know how you would go about doing this at all - but it most certainly depends on your OS. Could you give us some details there?

    And why do you want to do this?

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    Yes, I could understand that it was a bit diffus question. I use XP Professional.
    I am doing a "tricky" thing communicate between a program that I am doing and a thirdparty
    I am reading that programs files and act on these files, also using a mouse/keyboard recorder that communicate with that program. So this thirdparty programs window will be need to be closed to continue the process. I am completely aware about that this is not "good way" to do but I am experimenting around a bit and see if there was a call to close the most active form on the desktop.

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