Thread: Confusions related to Dll.

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    Question Confusions related to Dll.

    Can anyone tell me what is the main purpose of Dll? As we can get the data from Dll, can we put the data in Dll? I am not talking about code, talking about single Dll. If you know about Dll then please share your knowledge..

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    The purpose of a DLL is, generally, to allow multiple programs to use the same bits of code or data.

    It is sometimes used for other purposes: Multiple DLL's that provide the same interface functions can be used to allow a program to load a DLL that is suitable for a particular situation, e.g.: We can have a "data-mining interface", which has several different varieties: An Excel spreadsheet reader, a MySQL database reader, a Oracle SQL database reader, a text-file reader. From the applications standpoint, it just needs to know at one point which of these DLL's to load. The rest of the code just says "Give me data that matches X".

    Finally, DLL's are sometimes used to split a large project into smaller components. Say we are building a word processor with spell checking. The spell checker may then be a completely separate component - all the main application needs to know is to ask "is this a correctly spelled word - if not, give me a list of X words that are close".

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