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    Passing functions as arguments

    I remember reading a while back on how to pass a function into a function, but I forgot where. Does anyone know how to do this? Can you provide a simple example please? Or does anyone know where I can find info on this. I have been searching for a while and havent found anything.



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    #include <iostream.h>
    void one (void);
    void two (void);
    void doThis (void (*f) (void));
    void main (void)
    	void (*func) (void) = one;
    	doThis (func);   // Pass an already declared pointer, or...
    	doThis (two);   // Pass the address of function directly.
    void one (void)
    	cout << "One.\n";
    void two (void)
    	cout << "Two.\n";
    void doThis (void (*f) (void))
    	f ();
    Remeber, the functions must be of the same return and arg types.
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