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    Replace elements in vector

    std::vector<int> PutNumbers;
    PutNumbers[0] = 1;
    PutNumbers[1] = 2;
    PutNumbers[2] = 3;
    I have this code above where I push_back numbers to 3 elements.
    I am reading these numbers from a file but when I will read the fourth number wich could be 4 I want to replace the vector so it will look like below.
    I know I can do this manually by iterate trough the elements etc.. This is not a problem.
    But I wonder if there is any function for this for the std::vector to easy achive this. I have searched around but havn&#180;t found anything about that subject.
    Thank You!

    PutNumbers[0] = 2;
    PutNumbers[1] = 3;
    PutNumbers[2] = 4;

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    Before push_back(), check if the size is equal to 3. If so, pop_front() first. std::deque would likely be better than std::vector for this, actually.

    Oops, std::vector does not have pop_front(), so you'll have to just use erase() if you do not use a std::deque instead.
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    Yes this is a good id&#233;a to check the size also.
    Thanks laserlight, I will check this out.

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