Thread: what is this suppose to be?

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    what is this suppose to be?

    BYTE (*main_data)[1000];
    I thought that it might be an array of pointers, but then I saw this line
    main_data = malloc(1000);
    But this line contradicts that theory. It would have to allocate 4 kb (not 1) if that was the case.

    I never thought I'd be asking a question like this, but, what does this initilizer really do?
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    It's a pointer to an array. You can make it point to an array:
    BYTE ar[1000];
    BYTE (*main_data)[1000] = &ar;
    But I'm not sure if this works under VC++, because traditionally, due to compatibility with stupid code, VC++ interprets &ar as &ar[0] (or just ar).
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