Thread: Why return malloc'd char array not work, but local char array does?

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    Why return malloc'd char array not work, but local char array does?

    Inside a function, I create a char array which I pass to a library function that fills it with a value. I then pass this back to the caller. When I do it by creating an array with malloc (and then freeing it outside the function), it only fills the array with the first 3 characters. When i create it as a local array, it works (and simply warns me I'm passing a local array back out).

    //This does NOT Work:
    char* getStringWithMalloc(...elided...)
          char* data = ( char* ) malloc( 256 * sizeof( char ) );
          fillArray( data );
          return data;
    //This DOES work:
    char* getString(...elided...)
          char data[256];
          fillArray( data );
          return data;
    int main(...)
          //Does not work, only grabs first three characters
          char* value = getDataWithMalloc(...);
          printf( value );
          free( value );
          //This DOES work
          printf( getDataWithMalloc(...) );

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    That's weird. Have you tried stepping through with a debugger?

    This thread is clearly of duplicate of this one, hence it is now closed.
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    I think this is the third thread about the same subject. Maybe we should merge them together.

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    The first one should work, but has a horrible interface.
    The second is simply broken. Deadly, even.

    Whatever error you're seeing, though, it's got to be in fillArray.

    Also, this is pretty much C.
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