Thread: How to use .bat file to deal with multiple command line parameters?

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    Question How to use .bat file to deal with multiple command line parameters?

    I just want to run a program in VC 6.0 E.Version, and there are many txt files to be read while the program running. My classmate told me that I should use a bat file to pass every paramenter to the program.

    I, now, show a list of part of parameters.

    curve_editor -input spline8_01_bezier.txt -output_bezier output8_01_bezier.txt
    curve_editor -input spline8_01_bezier.txt -output_bspline output8_01_bspline.txt
    curve_editor -input spline8_02_bspline.txt -output_bezier output8_02_bezier.txt
    curve_editor -input spline8_02_bspline.txt -output_bspline output8_02_bspline.txt

    I am very poor in C++ as well as VC6.0, so I ask somebody for help.

    PS: I can use VC to add only one parameter with Menu Project -> settings ...................
    Thanks in advance.
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    A bat file seems fine.
    But you don't need Visual Studio to run it.
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    If you just want to always run all of those commands in sequence, open Notepad, paste the commands exactly as you have them into it, save it as a .bat file (by choosing All Files instead of Text Files), and you're done.

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