Thread: my following step?????????

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    Question my following step?????????

    Hi , I already has finished _almost as my book says_ the most populars in C language , then I began to learn C++ which is so logical and easy _until now_ to learn my book is guided me to the IDE of visual C++ . I dont think that Im really qualified now .......
    I need outlines about learning C/C++ ...whats the steps I supposed to take!!........
    Also I wanna ask about the book of (preparing for MCSD desktop applications) . is it good refrence to use .? or itsnt the suitable time??
    sorry for asking this ( Any links to downloadable Books and tutorials are appeciated) I suppose that you were answering this questions many times!!!!!!!!!!
    Any bit of informations as a guide is appreciated so much.
    Thank you for your Co-operation

    Programming is a high logical enjoyable art for both programer and user !!

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    here is a site that has a lot of books:

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