Thread: Making Servo rotate 180 degrees

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    Making Servo rotate 180 degrees


    I am part of my schools robotics team, we had just finished the first part of a robotics competition, we made to the top 4 and now where going to Alabama for the final part of the competition. The Robot performed well but not well enough, but luckily there more important things then the robot performance. In the competition we have to pick up these subassemblies that when put together make a small plane. We have the a gripper that we want to open more but the servo only rotates 45 degrees and we want it to open 180 degrees, but we none of us really know how to use the C++ Program to program the brain.

    sorry if I Post this in the wrong section.

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    Not sure it's the wrong section, but it's certainly not easy for us to say why your servo rotates X only , and how to make that rotate Y degrees. It could be:
    1. Code limitation.
    2. Servo limitation.
    3. Other hardware limitation.

    Without full understanding of the hardware (servo and other components) as well as understanding the code itself, it is absolutely impossible to answer this question.

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    > but we none of us really know how to use the C++ Program to program the brain.
    So was any programming required to get this far?

    I mean, if some of you had actually written the controlling software for the robot (as opposed to what it seems like, you were given the code), then you'd know pretty instantly where the servo limits were coded, and how to go about changing them.

    But as matsp points out, this could easily be a hardware limitation of your servo's.
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