Thread: Displaying other language characters

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    Displaying other language characters

    I have just learnt to write Hello world programme.I want to greet people in my own mother tongue (Tamil of india) via my programme.Tell me how to display unicode fonts of tamil in my programme.

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    Does your OS / Compiler support unicode?
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    yes.I used to type docs in unicode only.

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    Something like this:
    int main()
        wprintf(L"Hello, world\n");
        return 0;
    Obviously, you'd have to replace the english words with tamil ones - I don't know what that would be, but the above code should work for ANY language.

    Of course, the other question is if your text-editor that you use for producing the source file supports unicode - that I can not say. Nor if the C-library that comes with your compiler actually implements wprintf().

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    I dont understand what you have said.The code is not working in my compiler.

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    What compiler do you use? What are the errors that are displayed?
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