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    simple little dilemna

    I'm at school right now, and for some wierd reason I cannot subscribe to the bbs members status, but I need some help with C++.

    I'm a Junior in High school, and have taken up an interest in wanting to learn to program. In our current class here at school, we are being taught to use simple programming aspects of Dev-Pascal. So I do have SOME programming intellect to some degree, but I have started to get into C++ at home using the tutorials found on this site. BTW, if it means anything, I am using Microsoft Visual C++ as my compiler.

    I've just started on the C++ programming scene and I've noticed it holds many similarities with Pascal. But the only thing that's been bugging me a little is the fact a program you've written will run through and close right away after it has finished executing.

    One of the seniors at school has told me to fix that by adding another 'cin>>' to the very end of the program to correct this error. In Pascal, we would add a 'readln;' statement to pull this trick off.

    To get to the point, all I really wanted to know was if there was some way I could delay the program from finishing after it would get to the end other than the 'cin>>' command. Thanks.

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