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    Yes you are right. I just need to be sure exactly how it works and as you say, you must be able to have an object to pass it to. I wasn´t shure if the formapplication already by default knew about it´s owns form as objects to call.

    So this works fine with the code I tried to set up, it is possible to send 2 Strings to Form22 from Form4 where I #include "Form22.h" to knew about it´s object.

    Now comes the problem when I need to to do the opposite, pass a value from Form22 to Form4.
    Then I could think of just #include "Form4.h" in Form22 but if I do that, the compiler says:

    'mForm22' : undeclared identifier
    left of '->ActivateThis' must point to class/struct/union/generic type

    I have red something about that this is a circular #include, is it possible to do what I try to do in any other way.
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