Thread: vector of std::string reported as leaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    class Console
            static void createInstance();
            static Console* getInstance();
            virtual ~Console();
            Console(const Console &obj);
            Console& operator = (const Console &obj);
            std::list<std::string> m_Messages;
    That's about all that needs shown. createInstance() is called during setup() which is called from the main process. After that getInstance() is used. Upon shutdown the destructor calls clear on m_Messages. Fairly straightforward, somewhat modified, singleton pattern.
    VS2008 complains about private constructors/destructors

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    Ok. So is it saying the compiler cannot clean up the instance b/c it is private?? The whole singleton pattern relies on it. I don't think visibility of the dtor/ctor applies to the compiler cleaning up statics at program exit.
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