Thread: Output string to both console and file at the same time

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    Output string to both console and file at the same time

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to c++, I'm trying to print a string to both console and a file at the same time.

    I know this works:

    //This is just an example
    cout<<"I want to print "<<3+4<<" in to a file."<<endl;
    ofstream out("file.txt");
    out<<"I want to print "<<3+4<<" in to a file."<<endl;
    but is there a better way to do it without repeat the code? Because the actual stuff I'm going to print is more complicated than the example above.


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    Actually, if it were me, I would put everything into a stringstream, and output the stringstream to both the file and standard out.

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    overload ostream
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    Create your own streambuf that outputs to two internal streambufs...
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <streambuf>
    template <class charT, class traits = std::char_traits<charT> >
    class basic_teebuf : public std::basic_streambuf<charT, traits>
        typedef charT char_type;
        typedef typename traits::int_type int_type;
        typedef typename traits::pos_type pos_type;
        typedef typename traits::off_type off_type;
        typedef traits traits_type;
        typedef std::basic_streambuf<charT, traits> streambuf_type;
        streambuf_type *m_sbuf1;
        streambuf_type *m_sbuf2;
        char_type *m_buffer;
        enum {BUFFER_SIZE = 4096 / sizeof(char_type)};
        basic_teebuf(streambuf_type *sbuf1, streambuf_type *sbuf2)
            : m_sbuf1(sbuf1), m_sbuf2(sbuf2), m_buffer(new char_type[BUFFER_SIZE])
            setp(m_buffer, m_buffer + BUFFER_SIZE);
            delete[] m_buffer;
        virtual int_type overflow(int_type c = traits_type::eof())
            // empty our buffer into m_sbuf1 and m_sbuf2
            std::streamsize n = static_cast<std::streamsize>(pptr() - pbase());
            std::streamsize size1 = m_sbuf1->sputn(pbase(), n);
            std::streamsize size2 = m_sbuf2->sputn(pbase(), n);
            if (size1 != n || size2 != n)
                return traits_type::eof();
            // reset our buffer
            setp(m_buffer, m_buffer + BUFFER_SIZE);
            // write the passed character if necessary
            if (!traits_type::eq_int_type(c, traits_type::eof()))
                traits_type::assign(*pptr(), traits_type::to_char_type(c));
            return traits_type::not_eof(c);
        virtual int sync()
            // flush our buffer into m_sbuf1 and m_sbuf2
            int_type c = overflow(traits_type::eof());
            // checking return for eof.
            if (traits_type::eq_int_type(c, traits_type::eof()))
                return -1;
            // flush m_sbuf1 and m_sbuf2
            if (m_sbuf1->pubsync() == -1 || m_sbuf2->pubsync() == -1)
                return -1;
            return 0;
    typedef basic_teebuf<char>    teebuf;
    typedef basic_teebuf<wchar_t> wteebuf;
    template <class charT, class traits = std::char_traits<charT> >
    struct scoped_basic_streambuf_assignment
        typedef std::basic_ostream<charT, traits> ostream_type;
        typedef std::basic_streambuf<charT, traits> streambuf_type;
        ostream_type &m_s;
        streambuf_type *m_orig_sb;
        scoped_basic_streambuf_assignment(ostream_type &s, streambuf_type *new_sb) 
            : m_s(s)
            m_orig_sb = m_s.rdbuf(new_sb);
    typedef scoped_basic_streambuf_assignment<char>    scoped_streambuf_assignment;
    typedef scoped_basic_streambuf_assignment<wchar_t> scoped_wstreambuf_assignment;
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        ofstream file("data.txt");
        // tbuf will write to both file and cout
        teebuf tbuf(file.rdbuf(), cout.rdbuf());
        // replace cout's streambuf with tbuf
        scoped_streambuf_assignment ssa(cout, &tbuf);
        cout << "Hello World" << endl;
        return 0;

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    Actually, if it were me, I would put everything into a stringstream, and output the stringstream to both the file and standard out.
    My exact solution for a similar problem I had a couple of weeks ago. Worked like a charm.

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    Codeplug code is a little complex. you said your new so try this
    #include <iostream> //console commands
    #include <fstream>  // file commands
    //Global stuff - bad way to do this<<
    std::fstream file;
    void output(char* string);
    int main(void){
        char TEXT[] = "some debuging stuff to look at\n Nor is Great.""testfile", std::ios::out);
        if( !file.is_open()) // please note the '!'. it is very inportant to check for errors.
            exit(1);            //could not open file
        return 0;
    void output(char* string){
     std::cout << string << std::endl;
     file << string << std::endl;
    //or file.write(string, strlen(string));
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    ./myprogram | tee outfile.txt
    All the buzzt!

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