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    adjacency list question

    For a current project I am creating I decided the best way to implement the code would be through an adjacency list. I am just simply confused on what the structs would look like and how to create the reference. For example,

    [Vertex] [Adjacent Vertices]
         A             C,B,E
         B             C
         C             A,B,E
         D             E
         E             A,C
    I have one struct for all the vertices and another struct for the adjacent vertices. I need to be able to travel from vertex a to the adjacent vertex b, for example, but b should be a reference to the vertex node b so that I can "jump" from the adjacent vertice chain to the vertex chain.

    My structs are setup as follows:

    struct adj_node
          char vertex;
           adj_node* path; //for the adjacency vertex chain (A->C->B->E)
    struct node 
        char vertex;
        adj_node* next; 
        node* down; //to travel down the vertex chain (A-B-C)
    So what I am wondering is do my structs look setup correctly and how would I do the jumping from an adajcency vertex to a vertex?

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    Why wouldn't you just have nodes, which have a char vertex and a node** next which would be a dynamic array of pointers? You would then have that node[0] (and perhaps node[1], etc.) would be pointers to adjacent nodes; following a path might then look like current = current->next[0], or the like. You would also want int number_of_paths or something so that you know how big your next array is.

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