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    Wink Difference between... (pointers)

    What's that difference between

    int **foo;
    *foo = new int[x];
    for(int i = 0;  i < x;  i++)
        foo[i] = new int[y];

    int **foo;
    foo = new int*[x];
    for(int i = 0;  i < x;  i++)
        foo[i] = new int[y];
    which causes

    for(int i = 0;  i < x;  i++)
        delete [] foo[i];
    delete [] foo;
    crash in the first?
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    dunno but it would be nice to know :P

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    Deleting the first allocation isn't causing the crash, it's the actual allocation.

    int **foo;
    *foo = new int[x];

    You are de-referencing foo, but it doesn't point to anything. You need to point foo at something, then de-reference as you've done in the second example.

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