Thread: Changing flags from a DLL?

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    It looks to me like they are changing the opcodes themselves. Not quite sure WHAT the changes are, as I have no idea what the original executable looks like, but I would guess that they are either changing some data values to improve things, or such.

    Edit: And the reason they use XOR is that it's automatically reverting back to the original if you do it again: if we do 4 ^ 5, we end up with 1. 1 ^ 5 gives 4, so we're back to what we had to start with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobotGymnast View Post
    I generally use CE, but it's just weird because that game has hack-protection.. nowadays it's done by searching for the byte signatures of old hacks
    True, if you're trying to hack a simple game such as Windows pinball. Nowadays, hacking in general has become fairly sophisticated. It would behoove you to read Hoglund's book. Especially, chapter six.

    To quote Hoglund:
    Some game developers have gotten wise to the fact that hackers use disassemblers and debuggers to reverse engineer their games and have developed many countermeasures for use against them. These techniques include obfuscating program code and interlacing runtime checks to see if a debugger is present. Hackers can counter almost all of these tricks, but they must know about them first. This is a classic computer security arms race.

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    hmm.. interesting. I sort of meant this game in particular, but it's not really fun to hack anyway (hacking's more recreational for me.. I only do stuff without security, e.g. offline games).

    Interesting-looking book though, thanks

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