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    Application::DoEvents() GridView

    I am using this code to let a cell in a dataGridView "blink" in yellowgreen color and then back to Black.
    I am using Sleep() and Application:oEvents() to update the grid.

    When using the Application:oEvents() all cells can have a tendence to "blink" wich look a bit strange when I only want to update ->Cells[0].

    Is there another way to do this to prevent the whole dataGrids Cells to "blink" ?

    dataGridView1->Rows[e->RowIndex]->Cells[0]->Style->BackColor = Color::YellowGreen;
    dataGridView1->Rows[e->RowIndex]->Cells[0]->Style->BackColor = Color::Black;

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    It's been a little while since I programmed in VB, but DoEvents is generally a bad thing to call. There are very limited circumstances where it wont introduce an obscure or even obvious bug. Most of the time it should be avoided, and that's just counting the places where you think you really need it. Sorry I don't have time to search for articles explaining it all at the moment.
    There is probably some update method on the control you can call instead or something.
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