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    Binet's Formula

    I am trying to calculate the Nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence using Binet's Formula, however I have found the following two problems with my current implementation.
    If N > 46 it overflows and if N is negative it doesnt work for some reason.

    Here's my snippet of code.

    long double f(short N) {
    double phi = (1+pow(5,0.5))/2;
    return ceil((pow(phi,N) - pow(1-phi,N))/pow(5,0.5));

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    I don't see why it would overflow at 46 - however, if your intermediate results are double (such as the phi, pow(), ceil() etc), there's little point in using long double for the result.

    Negative N is unlikely to be solved with this formula, as x^-N would not be anywhere similar to what the definition of the Fibonacci series defines for negative N. I'm pretty sure that Binet's formula is not valid for negative N.

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