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    problem with my time code

    It prints same values for in all the loop.
    and it doesn't add properly new_time.time and new_time.millitm
    when I print them separately , their value added together doesnt match up with last_time.
    Please help me , where am I going wrong (
    void time()
    	struct timeb new_time;
    	double  last_time,latest_time, interval_time = 0, real_interval_time;
    	ftime(&new_time); //init purpose
    	last_time =(double)new_time.time+(double)(new_time.millitm * 0.001 );
    		latest_time=(double)new_time.time+(double)(new_time.millitm * 0.001);
    		real_interval_time = latest_time - last_time;
    		interval_time += real_interval_time;
    		last_time = latest_time;

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    It works fine for me. In one loop not enough time passes, so in order for the "it" to change you need like 30 iterations or sth. "rit" is almost always 0 or like 0.01.

    In any case this is surely better:
    last_time =(double)(1000*new_time.time)+(double)(new_time.millitm * 0.001 );
    printf("it=%lf\n",interval_time / 1000);
    since you don't lose accuracy by dividing multiplying by 0.001!

    So it is always the same for you?

    EDIT: Also note that time() already exists in so you might want a different name <sys/time.h>
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