Thread: return 0; vs return (0);

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    return 0; vs return (0);

    see the subject! wich is more proper/better c++ style?

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    return 0;

    It's all I've ever seen, anyway.

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    It helps readability to surround the return value with the (). It's not much if it's a constant (0, 1) but it does help when you're returning the value of a function or equation.

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    Either one works, it's a matter of personal preference since returning a simple value is easy to read anyway. Now, if you had something like
    return i * j / c;
    it wouldn't hurt to say
    return ( i * j / c );

    For simple return types such as 0 for a success and 1 for a failure I prefer to use the constants
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    return EXIT_FAILURE;
    for added clarity.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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